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Vienna is the capital of Austria. This city with an ancient and rich history is located at the foot of the Alpine mountains, on the banks of the Danube River. The atmosphere of purity, order and tranquility reigns in the city. A full set of unforgettable impressions awaits the traveler here. The architectural splendor of Vienna fascinates at first sight. Luxury palaces, majestic cathedrals, modern skyscrapers, wide squares, green boulevards and fabulous coloring of medieval streets create a completely unique appearance of this city. Moreover, different architectural styles are perfectly combined with each other.

Numerous museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls will help you fill the cultural part of your tour. If we talk about art, then Vienna is considered a well-known center of music for centuries. Here lived and worked great composers: Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms, Strauss. Fans of the theater all over the world dream of getting into the Vienna opera.
The Alps, the Danube, the Viennese forest and the beautiful parks of the city will enchant nature lovers. The oldest zoo in the world, founded in 1752, is also located in Vienna.
Culinary connoisseurs will appreciate the best Vienna dishes: schnitzel, strudel, many kinds of sausages and, of course, confectionery, similar to works of art. Some restaurants in Vienna have been operating for several centuries. They were visited by Strauss, Beethoven, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud. It is interesting that the Viennese cuisine is called the name of the city, and not the name of the country or region, unlike all other cuisines of the world. And Vienna cafes are a special phenomenon in the history and culture of the city. The coffee traditions of Vienna are even included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage.
Fans of night entertainment will not get bored thanks to a lot of casinos, clubs, bars and discos.

In Vienna, there are so many different sights that it is not enough to inspect them all for a week. And of course, in order to see as much as possible, tourists can not do without the city's transport system. It is called the "Vienna Line" and works very clearly. In addition to trams, buses, metro and electric trains, you can use river transport and make an excursion along the Danube. Also in Vienna there are special trams and buses for tourists. 80 bike rental points "Citybike" are located throughout the city, and the first hour you can ride for free. And on the historical center you can ride on a horse-drawn carriage and fully experience the beauty, romance and cordiality of this stunning city.

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