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Washington DC is the capital of the United States, a city-a symbol of American statehood, which embodied the dreams of Americans about freedom and justice. Its name was given to the city in honor of the first US President George Washington. If you want to understand America and Americans, you should definitely visit this city! According to American standards, the city of Washington DC is a relatively small city, but at the same time it differs in its grandeur, calm atmosphere and unshakable stability.

All the main administrative and government buildings of the United States - the White House, the headquarters of the Congress (Capitol), the residence of the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), as well as the buildings of the Supreme Court, the State Department and other influential organizations are concentrated here. The city is notable for many things, in particular, the fact that since 1899 there is a ban on the construction of buildings, the height of which is greater than the height of the Capitol. Therefore, Washington DC is an unusually low-rise city for the US.

There are practically no stormy, noisy and active entertainments in Washington DC. The entertainment industry in this city is poorly developed. Night clubs, bars and restaurants do not work around the clock. But this is a city of majestic monuments, a variety of museums, beautiful parks and picturesque ponds, fashionable restaurants and fashionable hotels. To get around all the museums, it will take more than a week!

The main pride of Washington DC is the National Alley. All major monuments and monuments of the American capital are concentrated here. From the air the alley is a cross: in the north - the White House, in the south - the Jefferson Memorial, in the east - the Capitol, in the west - the Lincoln Memorial, in the center - the Washington Monument. And between these architectural colossuses are parks and the US Botanical Garden.
On the territory of the National Alley there is a museum complex, including the American Museum of the History of the Holocaust, the National Museum of Natural History, the National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Journalism and News, the National Museum of American Indians and many other museums (altogether 11).

The American capital is one of the most landscaped capitals of the world, there are more than a hundred parks and squares with lawns, and streets and squares are planted with trees and bushes. The ideal period for visiting Washington DC is spring or the first half of autumn. But the most popular time of visit is at the end of March and beginning of April, when the citizens of the city are hosting the National Cherry Blossom Festival and you can admire the cherry blossom.

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