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How to start a solo travelling?

You can become an independent traveler right now in just 7 short steps on this website.

- Why is so easy?

1. Very simple sites in Internet exist for searching and booking hotels, flight tickets, entertainment and tours around the world.
2. Any smartphone can perform as your personal guide, interpreter and map.

- What do you need for this?

1. Our website.
2. A little time and patience.
3. Just follow the recommendations on this webpage.

Step 1. How to find flights, hotels and entertainment?

All sites for finding hotels, entertainment, flight tickets are mostly standard.

1. Enter the dates of arrival and departure, the place of destination, the place of departure and click the "Find" button.
2. Practice looking for hotels, flight tickets and excursions using those search windows below as it is free and does not impose any financial obligations on you.
3. Try to change the dates and duration of the trip to find the most suitable offers.

* Tip. According to the research, the best prices for flight tickets and hotels can be found about 2-3 months before the trip. Approximately the same time interval is recommended for the full processing of the visa.

Search for hotels and hostels

Search for flight tickets

Search for flight tickets using calendar with prices

* Put departure and arrival airports in the window below and choose the best dates to travel.

Step 2. Preparing a smartphone for travel

To make your smartphone become your personal travel assistant you need to prepare it by installing the necessary applications and learning how to download them.
If you know how to do this, just skip this step and go on.

How to download mobile apps ?

First you need to determine the platform of your smartphone.
Most smartphones in the world operate on 1 of the 2 platforms: Android or iOS.

Smartphones on Android are manufactured by such manufacturers as SONY, SAMSUNG, NEXUS, LG, HUAWAY and most others.
If you have an Android smartphone, please read the manufacturer's manual from the link.
>> Find and download apps for Android

Smartphones on iOS are manufactured exclusively by APPLE under the brands iPhone or iPad.
If you have an iPhone or iPad an iOS-based, please see the manufacturer's guide for the link.
>> Find and download apps for iOS

Step 3. How to use the audio guide izi.TRAVEL ?

The audio guide application is downloaded to your smartphone and can conduct a free city tour or a museum tour, show your location on the map, tell you about sights when you are near. It can work without an internet connection.

Downloading mobile app audio guide izi.TRAVEL

To install the application you need to open the Play Market app on an Android phone. Find izi.TRAVEL application in there and download it. You can also use the links below.
>> Audio guide for Android

To install the application you need to open the Appstore on an iPhone or iPad. Find izi.TRAVEL application in there and download it. You can also use the links below.
>> Audio guide for iOS.

*Tip. In addition to the mobile version, there is also a version for the desktop and laptop. It is very useful - in advance, before the trip to get acquainted with the future city, to understand what audio tours exist in this city and decide for themselves which sights and museums to visit and which ones do not. Open on the computer izi.TRAVEL you can follow the link below.
>> Audio guide for computers.

Step 4. How to use a smartphone as a map and navigator?

The Google maps application allows you to navigate in an unfamiliar city, create convenient routes, find shops, restaurants and attractions nearby, memorize selected places, send your coordinates by e-mail, see the location of your friends, record the history of your movements etc. It can work without Internet.

Downloading and using Google Maps app

To install the application, open the Play Market app on an Android phone or the Appstore app on an iOS phone. Find the Google maps application in them and download it. You can also use the links below.
>> Google Maps for Android
>> Google Maps for iOS.

The application can also be used on a computer in order to view the travel routes in more detail, to look at the distance traveled or to plan an upcoming trip.
>> Google Maps for desktop or laptop.

There are so many functions in the application and it is not possible to consider all functions within the framework of these lessons. Therefore, we recommend that you read the manual of the application from the manufacturer.
>>Google Maps Help Center.

Step 5. How to use a smartphone as an interpreter

The translator application will help you to travel around the world without any knowledge of a foreign language. It translates texts, websites, signs, inscriptions, spoken language etc. It can work offline.

Downloading and using Google Translate app

To install the application you need to open the Play Market app on an Android phone or the Appstore app on an iOS phone. Find the Google Translate application in there and download it. You can also use the links below.
>> Google Translate for Android
>> Google Translate for iOS.

In addition, you can use this application on your computer and translate from \ into 200 languages.
>> Google Translate for desktop and laptop.

The application is actually very useful for independent travelers not only during the trip, but also when planning a trip, because it allows you to translate sites and documents. The Google Translate has many other functions that can be studied on the manufacturer's website.
>> Google Translate Help Center.

Step 6. Applying for a visa and how to get a visa yourself?

A question that causes certain difficulties since different countries have different visa requirements. Apply for visas at visa centers or consulates. With some persistence all the required information for the visa application can be found in Internet. Remember that only information posted on official websites of embassies and consulates will be absolutely reliable.
>>List of embassies around the world.

* Совет. Since many state’s websites are written in different languages, we recommend using an automatic website translator.
>>Translate webpages in Chrome.

How do I know if I need a visa and how and where to get it?

On the Internet, there are many sites and companies offering visa services, however, we recommend to compare the information received with the official information to increase the reliability. received on the website of the immigration service or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country, where you are going. It is also recommended to carefully study the rules of foreigners' stay, customs rules and rules of conduct in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the trip.
Check whether you need a visa can be on several sites, but warn that this information is a reference. Here are some of them:

>>Search for information on the visa regime with different countries according to the tourist's passport
>>Search for information about visa regime from the search form
>>Projectvisa - Search for information on visa regime on the world map
>>VisaHQ - Search information about visa regime through the search form and visa services

Step 7. Overcome fears and mistrust

This is probably the most difficult step. However, we will help you to make it.
The main fears of beginners in traveling, as well as how things really are, are listed below.

Booking and payment through internet is dangerous

It is partially true if you use questionable websites or undergo a hacker attack.
What to do?
1. If you find the booking site yourself, please check its address in the address bar. Or visit such sites from our website. It is safe.
2. Use only licensed software and periodically update the system of your computer or phone.
3. Even if you become a victim of scammers on the Internet, the chances to find the intruders and repair damages are much higher than in the case of ordinary pocket theft. The reason is that all money transactions are recorded and therefore it is much more realistic to find a thief.

It is impossible travel without knowing foreign language

It is not true because in today's world 1.2 billion people travel and successfully overcome the language barrier.
How ?
1. Learn how to use a Google Translate application in your phone. If there is no Internet in the host country, download the required offline package.
2. Learn 20-30 basic words in English. This will be enough to navigate in cities, airports and tourist centers.
3. In many countries tourist centers provide services and information in many languages.

Independent traveler is easy to become a victim of scammers and bandits

Not true because the risk of becoming a victim of criminals is the same for both group and individual tourists. Moreover, the tourism authorities around the world keep the safety of tourists under special control.
What to do? Simple rules:
1. Do not lose common sense, observe basic safety rules.
2. Do not be attracted by unrealistically super-profitable offers and do not visit criminal areas.
3. Learn the phones and addresses of the embassies of your country as well as emergency telephones in the host country.

In an independent journey it's easy to get lost

It's not true because there are at least 3 ways of navigating in an unfamiliar place:
1. Use Google Maps app which works all over the world. If there is no Internet - download the offline package of the desired location.
2. Download the map of the selected area on the Internet and study it before the trip.
3. Contact the tourist information center in the host country.

Flight suddenly canceled and I can not fly away

Not true because:
1. Our website offers only regular flights (not charter flights where the risk of cancellation is much higher).
2. You book tickets yourself, so there is no risk of bankruptcy of the travel company. You are a direct customer of the airline and the airline will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied in case of inconvenience caused by the flight company.
3. Even if the scheduled flight is canceled or delayed, the airline company will typically notify you in advance and offer compensation for the delay and, possibly, solve the problems with accommodation.

The hotel has no place and I can not prove anything

Not true because:
1. You book the hotel yourself and become a client of the hotel, which is personally liable to you and will no longer be able to refer to the fact that your room is not paid for, money is not received, no confirmation, etc..
2. When booking through a internet service, it is an extremely bad idea for the hotel to let you down because if you complain, the hotel can be punished or completely excluded from the system that brings customers to them.
3. In case of any misunderstandings, you can leave a negative review on numerous tourist sites and the hotel will lose reputation and a certain number of customers.

The main conclusions about solo travel

As you can see, everything is not difficult and not scary. In fact, traveling is primarily an adventure. You can make the whole process fascinating from planning to returning home and keeping everything under control. If you have successfully completed all 7 steps, go to >>Home page our site and start planning your first single journey.

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