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Tokyo can stun you on your first visit. There's too much of everything here. Everything is very bright and unusual, especially in the evening, when multicolored lights of shop windows and advertisements are lit. And, nevertheless, Tokyo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Ancient temples with fantastic skyscrapers, parks with concrete and glass, and a rabid rhythm of life with tranquility and pacification are perfectly combined here. The Japanese are fond of traditions and at the same time are eager for everything new.

Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world. But it is easy enough to navigate in it. There is a very developed system of public transport. On most pointers there are inscriptions in English. But even if you get lost, the locals will not refuse to help you. And the police are responsible for helping the lost guests of the city. Thanks to ubiquitous free access to the Internet and advanced online services, the city is great for smart tourism. Google Maps perfectly reflect the streets of the city and will tell you how to get to any point by public transport. And below you will find many useful links for independent travel to Tokyo.

Tokyo consists of 23 special areas, each of which has its own sights and unique places. For example, the Ueno area is a huge public park, most historical monuments and museums are located there. There are 4,000 temples in the city, and the oldest of them, Sensoji, founded in 628 is in the Asakusa area. And the Ginza area is the most prestigious district of the city. It is famous for its restaurants, galleries, expensive hotels and the level of service. From historical monuments, here is the Imperial Palace. The trading and entertainment part of the city is widely represented in the multinational region of Shinjuku. A district of Roppongi is known for its active nightlife. In each district you will find something new, interesting and unusual for yourself. Anime, robots, Hello Kitty, geisha, shocking clothes - all this you will meet in Tokyo at every step. Japanese culture in general is unusual for the rest of the world. And Japanese cuisine is considered a cultural heritage of UNESCO.

And certainly visit one of the small cities of Japan. For example, Nikko with its huge and beautiful national park or Kyoto which is one of the most ancient cities in Japan, and more than 1000 years was its capital. This city best preserved the ancient Japanese culture. In Japan, the most developed network of rail transport in the world, so the journey between cities is not difficult.

The end of July and August is the hottest period. All the rest of the time you can safely go here. In early April, sakura blossoms, and the end of November - the time of red maples. These are the main tourist seasons. Book hotels in advance if you want to see one of these incredibly beautiful spectacles.
Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world. But by law, a foreigner should always carry a passport with him. Smoking in public places is prohibited. And it is also desirable to comply with some local standards of conduct. For example, there are no handshakes - only obeisances, no one gives way to anyone in public transport, Japanese appreciate punctuality, you can not enter the temple in shoes, it is not customary to leave a tip, you must always come to a visit with some gift for the hosts.

In Tokyo, there is absolutely everything for an exciting and comfortable journey. But any time spent here will not be enough to see everything interesting. Because the amount of attractions and entertainment is just great. This city itself is a great attraction of our planet.

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