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Solo Trip to Singapore

Juniper Research specialists, studying the influence of high technologies on the life of the population, recognized Singapore as the most smart city in the world. Therefore, it is very convenient for independent travel. By the way, the word "most" is often used against Singapore. This is one of the most highly developed countries in the world, here the world's largest sea port, Singapore's airport has been repeatedly recognized as the best in the world. The largest Ferris wheel, the highest fountain, the largest aquarium and the world's best zoo are also located here. And Singapore is recognized as one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. And also the most comfortable country for doing business. It is also unique in that only here night racing of Formula 1 is held and this is the only metropolis in the world, built according to all the laws of the teachings of Feng Shui. All this can be a good reason for visiting Singapore.

But this magical place is also full of amazing sights and surprises for the tourist. At first glance, the number of skyscrapers may seem to be "stone jungle", but 50 percent of the country's area is covered with green gardens and parks. For example, the Botanical Garden of Singapore with its park of orchids is known throughout the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. And even despite the abundance of glass and concrete, the city center is so beautiful and unusual that it leaves an indelible impression.Tourists call it a fairy tale city or a city of the future. The wonders of ultramodern architecture are combined with the stunningly beautiful Victorian and Colonial buildings. A unique laser show in the evenings, the world's tallest pool on the combined roof of three skyscrapers in the shape of a ship, ethnic neighborhoods, a variety of temples of various religions, shopping for all tastes and budgets, beaches, parks and attractions of the island of Sentosa - this is not an exhaustive list what attracts visitors from all over the world.

Thanks to an unusual domestic policy, there is no corruption in the country. Tough laws of the country provide for high fines even for minor offenses. Perhaps this is why the country is so clean and safe. Attitude to tourists here is loyal, but the Singaporeans are very serious about the purity of their city. Therefore, it is better to follow the rules and carefully look at the forbidding signs.

You can visit Singapore at any time of the year. Here all year round it is warm and humid. The temperature in winter and summer is almost the same, but in summer there is less rain. With the help of our site you can plan your visit to Singapore on your own.
Have a good trip!

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