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Prague is like an old fairy tale. Its tiled roofs, ancient palaces and castles are fascinating. The unique and magical architecture of the Middle Ages organically combines with modern buildings. You will be fascinated by the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere of the city.
In Prague, there are many museums, but the city itself is an open-air museum. You will see ancient churches and cathedrals, many monuments and statues, masterpieces of architecture from different eras and styles. And with all this, various legends and stories are connected. The locals themselves call the construction, built after the 16th century, new.

The Czech Republic is located in the center of Europe, and Prague is in the center of the Czech Republic. It is quite convenient to get here from other European countries by bus or train. The international airport accepts flights from around the world. It is best to come here in late spring, early summer and in October. Because of humidity in the summer it is very stuffy, and in winter it is cold even in small frosts.
A friendly and quiet people live in the city. Public transport runs exactly according to the schedule. There are a lot of theaters and art galleries here. And constantly there are various exhibitions, fairs, concerts and festivals. Such as the music festival "Prague Spring" or the Prague Christmas Fair. An infinite number of bars and restaurants will also surprise you. And the prices here are quite affordable. Prague beer is famous all over the world. In each bar he will be offered several varieties. The food is delicious and very hearty. The diverse choice of inexpensive housing is also pleasantly surprising.

Prague is a city of pedestrian walks. Be prepared to walk a lot. The entire historical center is paved with stone, so wear shoes without heels. The tram and the subway are also a good way to travel. Tickets are bought for a certain period of time and operate in any public transport, which is very convenient. Detailed information on Prague's public transport can be found below on this page.

It's hard to imagine a person who does not like traveling to this wonderful city. Throughout Prague you will find a huge number of souvenir shops. You are sure to find something suitable for yourself in an infinite variety of souvenirs. And if you are a fan of photography, be sure to visit the panoramic platforms and towers of Prague. The view of the city from above is simply fascinating. And only 2 hours away from the city is the famous world-wide resort of Karlovy Vary. You can get there by bus, or rent a car (link below).

As in any city, there are some subtleties of the tourist's behavior:
Always carry a passport with you.
It is desirable to make a currency exchange in banks, and in exchange offices one must be very careful not to make mistakes with exchange rates.
Do not advise to walk around the city late at night. This can be unsafe.
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