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Most likely you have already formed some idea of ​​New York. The Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street - these symbols of the city are familiar to everyone from the films and photos. But it's better to see it with your own eyes and feel the atmosphere of this largest city in the US, located on the Atlantic coast. The population of New York is more than 8.5 million people. One third of them are immigrants. Here spoken in 170 languages. The mixing of races, cultures and styles makes this city completely unusual. He strikes with power and scope. Here you can find some of the best examples of art, fashion, music and architecture in the world. Here you can plunge into the crazy rhythm of city life, and you can find options for a quiet family vacation. Every year, New York is visited by 47 million foreign tourists. Someone falls in love with New York immediately and forever, someone hates him, but no one remains indifferent to him.

Local people call the city the Big Apple. Although hardly anyone will explain to you why. But the word "big" very accurately characterizes the city. The city has 5 districts, but the most popular among tourists is Manhattan. Most of the main attractions are located here. There are a lot of them, but some of them are simply impossible not to visit, if you are in New York. This Central Park is a huge green oasis in the center of the city, the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of all the United States, the highest building of the Empire State Building, built in just 1 year, as well as Times Square and Broadway, famous for its musicals, luxurious restaurants, museums and theaters.
The cultural life of the Big Apple is interesting and diverse. There are famous music festivals. Such as SummerStage, Blue Note Festival and Governors Ball. Those who could not visit New York on Christmas holidays can get to the Christmas Spectacular, which runs until the end of the summer. And in late October, you can get to The Village Halloween Parade, which takes place on 6th Avenue and you can take part in the feast of all the saints. In late January, the famous week of restaurants opens - a real paradise for connoisseurs of cooking. The event is attended by 375 restaurants.
New York is not in vain called the world capital of art. The number of museums and galleries here is simply incredible. The most famous of them is the Metropolitan Museum of Art - the largest museum in the world, along with the Louvre and the Hermitage, the Museum of Modern Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and design and many other interesting museums. On 5th Avenue there is even the Museum Mile, where 11 museums are located nearby.

Local people love sports and take care of their health. You will be surprised by the number of people of different ages making a morning run. Some run around with whole families. Also, bicycles are very popular. Smoking is prohibited in all public places, including parks. And alcohol is sold only in specialized stores and by certification to people who have reached the age of 21. In supermarkets you will find only beer. Drinking alcohol on the street is strictly prohibited. And security in New York is at an acceptable level for such a huge city. Of course, a tourist must observe elementary rules of behavior in an unfamiliar city.
The central parts of the city are very convenient for walking. You can see the sights, from time to time looking into a cafe or restaurant. You can use buses, but it is most convenient to travel around the areas by metro. But it is recommended to use ground transportation in the night time.

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