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"Munich loves you" is the official motto of the capital of Bavaria. And when you come here, you will feel it. It is the second most visited tourist city in Germany after Berlin. And it's not surprising. There are 46 museums and 70 art galleries. Luxury palaces and castles, majestic cathedrals, the BMW car museum, the stadium of the football club "Bavaria", one of the largest parks in the world - "English Garden" - is this not a good reason to visit this city? Surely you've heard about the Bavarian Alps, Bavarian sausages and Bavarian beer. All this can be seen and tried here. And in 1972, Munich hosted the 20th Summer Olympic Games, and the Olympic Park is also a landmark of the city.

Bavaria is markedly different from the rest of Germany by tradition, by culture and even by language. It may seem that this is another country. The Bavarians have their own flag, their anthem. They themselves joke that they even watch go to the other side, unlike the rest of Germany. Here you can even buy a globe of Bavaria as a souvenir. Despite the fact that beer is an integral part of Bavarian culture and on average one citizen drinks 200 liters of beer a year, you will not find drunk people on the street. To appear drunk in a public place is simply not accepted here. A beer is so high quality that it is difficult to get drunk with it.

Winter attracts fans of ski sports, since the city is located at the foot of the Alps. The calendar of cultural events and holidays is rich and varied. Carnivals, festivals, parades, beer festivals are held constantly. In February, for example, there is a colorful carnival Fasching. Local residents are preparing for him for half a year. And in the 20-th of September begins the famous Oktoberfest. At this beer festival, millions of guests from all over the world gather. For 2 weeks of the festival, an average of 5 million liters of beer is drunk.

Taxi services in Munich are quite expensive. But the system of public transport is well developed. The schedule is observed until a minute. It is very easy to rent a bicycle. With accommodation, you also will not have problems. Here you can find options for every taste and budget. It is worth to book a hotel in advance, especially during peak tourist season. In the vicinity of Munich there are also many interesting places worth visiting. But your visit will not be complete without a trip to the village of Schwangau, which is only 130 kilometers from Munich. The most famous in the world Castle Neuschwanstein Castle is there. It's just a fabulous place.

If you choose Germany for your solo trip, we highly recommend including Munich on your itinerary.

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