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If you have even a moment thought about a visit to Moscow, do not discard it. Russia is huge and mysterious and the country, and Moscow is its heart. She does not look like anything. Do you like history, art, architecture, cooking, exoticism or entertainment - it does not matter. All this you will find in this huge and slightly crazy city. Russian people are friendly and open, but all have a serious and focused look. Hardly anyone will smile at you on the street. Everyone here is always in a hurry, but here are the longest traffic jams in Europe. If we continue this idea, then Moscow is the largest and most populous city in Europe. More than 12 million people live in it. Although, in essence, Moscow is as European as the Asian city.

Moscow - it's just a godsend for connoisseurs of art. The Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theater, the Armory Chamber are only a small part of the places that must be visited. The famous Red Square is in itself a work of art. Even the Moscow subway impresses with its originality. The stations resemble underground palaces. You can simply travel from station to station and enjoy design and architecture.
Temples, cathedrals and churches in Moscow - this is a separate story. According to the latest data, they are 1110. If you have not been to the Orthodox Church before, this will be an unforgettable experience for you. Surely you have already seen the image of the church of St. Basil the Blessed - the symbol of Moscow.

It is better to visit Moscow in spring and summer. You can explore Moscow yourself. For example, on foot, moving from the area to the area by metro. Many streets in the historic center are given to pedestrians. Be sure to walk around the Moscow Arbat. You can rent a bicycle. You can look at the city from the water, taking one of the tours around Moscow River. Be sure to try the Russian cuisine. Although, here you can find food for every taste. And night Moscow will attract you with a variety of night clubs and discos.Every year, Moscow receives about 15 million tourists. So do not be afraid to feel lonely.

And of course, for many people Russia is associated with vodka, balalaika, bears, the Soviet Union and the revolution. In Moscow, you can see all this. True, live bears you will meet only in the circus and in the zoo. But the monuments of the Soviet era survived in Moscow in abundance. You can visit the exhibition VDNKh, visit the shopping center GUM, look at the Stalin skyscrapers, visit the mummy of leader of the world proletariat Lenin. And if you get to Moscow on May 9, then you will be lucky to attend a grandiose public holiday with a military parade on Red Square. On this day, for more than 70 years, all of Russia is celebrating the day of victory over fascist Germany in World War II.

And even if you do not agree with Russian politics, in Moscow you will feel comfortable and safe. Muscovites are very friendly towards tourists. Come and Moscow will surprise you in a good sense of the word.

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