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London is associated with bad weather. Precisely there it is not necessary to go in April-May. At this time, rains are guaranteed to you. During the rest of the year, London can and should be visited. The city annually hosts many festivals and various events. Whenever you come, you will definitely see something new. But take warm clothes and an umbrella with you.
And of course the invariable values of London are its sights. These are monuments of the history of the English kingdom, an abundance of various museums and theaters, very beautiful and cozy parks and many other interesting places. By the way, many museums in London are free.

The city is very large and is divided into 6 zones, but only 1, 2 and partly 3 zones are interesting for tourists. In order for you to have a more or less full impression of London, you need to spend here at least 5 days, and if you want to go out of town, then more.
You will not remain indifferent to the traditions of London. Such as afternoon tea drinking, changing the guard at Buckingham Palace or fried bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. And the inhabitants of the city are very friendly and polite and will always try to help you. Everything is mixed here: religions, theaters, times, peoples, cultures. And this is one of the main features of London.

An integral part of the tourist life in London is the queues for tickets, because there are a lot of tourists. You can often go without a queue if you already have a ticket purchased online. Also, it happens that online tickets are cheaper than at the ticket office. But if you do not have tickets, do not try to get through without waiting. You will become a criminal in the eyes of the British. The queue for them is sacred. Find tickets for entertainment and museums on this page.
The museums offer audio guide devices, often for a fee. Check in the system izi.TRAVEL (link below) - perhaps for some museums you can download the audio guide to your smartphone for free and in the language you need.

London - one of the most famous European capitals, but also one of the expensive, so soberly assess your budget.
A special topic is currency. In Britain, only the pound sterling is considered legal, but changing the currency may become a problem because of the unfavorable exchange rate in exchange offices. Therefore, before the trip, study the exchange rates and, perhaps, it will be cheaper for you to buy pounds at home. There are subtleties in the maintenance of credit cards. Cards issued by some non-UK banks may not be serviced or there may be high commissions. Therefore, we recommend using cash. Some taxis and shops accept payment only in cash.

London is unlike any other city in the world. Feeling its atmosphere, you will never regret this trip.

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