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Solo Trip to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading financial, commercial and industrial centers. And, of course, it is very attractive for independent tourism. In a relatively small area you will find a lot of interesting and dissimilar sights. You will immediately notice here an amazing combination of Asian and European cultures. Chinese people with English manners live here. Here parks, beaches and temples are next to the super modern megapolis. Here, in the important center of advanced technology, its inhabitants still believe in dragons. And the most impressive landscape is a view of a cluster of giant skyscrapers. There are more than 300 of them. The highest one has 118 floors. There is a very high population density, but most of the inhabitants live in one third of the territory of Hong Kong. The rest of the area is covered with forests.

In Hong Kong, almost every tourist will find something unforgettable for himself. For lovers of culture, there are museums and temples. The world's largest statue of a seated Buddha is located here. For lovers of nature there are sandy beaches, forest parks and mountain hikes. Fans of gastronomic tourism will find here a terrific choice of opportunities. And, wherever you eat - in a chic restaurant or in a street snack bar - food will always be fresh and safe. And for shoppers there is simply paradise. You will have a choice from luxury shopping centers to flea markets. They say that you can buy everything in Hong Kong. And every evening the biggest and most spectacular light and sound show in the world "Symphony of lights" happens here , which you just have to see.

Also in Hong Kong, European cleanness and concern for people are striking. You will not get lost in the subway, at the airport, or in shopping centers. All pointers are duplicated in English and everything is very simple, understandable and comfortable. Much attention is paid to children, the elderly and disabled people. Drivers on the roads are very polite and follow all the rules. In Hong Kong, 8 million local residents, and a huge number of tourists, so the queue here - quite normal. But the attitude towards them is serious. Nobody allows himself to break the line. Even 3 people in the queue will stand strictly behind each other. Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong has a very low crime rate.

Hong Kong is one of the most amazing cities. If you just walk along it, without a map, in any direction, you will constantly discover something new for yourself. And if the time of your visit is limited, then the metro is the most convenient and fastest way to travel. By metro you can get to all the main sights. Double-decker buses and trams have their advantages. You can view the city by driving along it.. And all of them are painted in different colors. It is impossible to find 2 identical trams or buses. It looks very unusual. And between the islands you can move on boats and ferries.

You will not have any problems with the exchange of currencies. Money changes both banks and exchange offices. For children, you can also find a lot of entertainment, including Disneyland. Also here you will be offered many different thematic tours, including free ones. Many of them you can book in advance on our website. In summer, in Hong Kong, high humidity, so it is better to visit it from the middle of autumn to the middle of spring.
If you discover the world for yourself, traveling independent, then a visit to Hong Kong is an excellent choice.

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