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What can you bring from Switzerland? High-quality Swiss watches, Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese and the famous Swiss army knife. And you can bring a lot of pleasant impressions from there, traveling the country. One of the main attractions of Switzerland is Geneva, the second largest city in the country. It is an elegant city that enchants with its parks, squares, streets of the Old City, a view of the top of Mont Blanc and a beautiful lake with clear water of gentle blue color. Tourists here are attracted by numerous architectural monuments and sights of different epochs, sports rest, clean mountain air and many other things.

Geneva starts to surprise right away at the airport. In the baggage claim area, you can get a free ticket for public transport to Geneva. In the hotels of the city you will get free travel for public transport for the duration of your stay. If you rent a bicycle, you can ride around the city for free for 4 hours.

Geneva is not the capital of Switzerland, but it is called the "capital of the world". The headquarters of organizations such as the UN, WTO, the International Red Cross and others are located here. Also, Geneva can be called a scientific center because of the laboratory of nuclear physics with the Large Hadron Collider. Even Geneva is called a financial center, a university center and a resort city, thanks to the largest lake in Western Europe. A grand fountain 145 meters high is gush forth directly from the lake. It is a symbol of the city. Nearly 200,000 people live in the city and 40% of them are foreigners, so you can hear the languages of different parts of the world in the streets, although the official language here is French.

The main historical attractions are located in the Old Town on the left bank of the river, which divides the city into 2 parts. Geneva has a really rich history. Even Julius Caesar mentioned in his notes about this place. And in the Middle Ages, this city became the main center of the Reformation in Europe. It is often called "Protestant Rome" for it. In St. Peter's Cathedral one of the most revered Protestant relics is preserved - the throne of John Calvin.

On the right bank there is an international and business Geneva with the UN Palace, banks, offices, headquarters and residential skyscrapers. In the city there are about 30 museums, 3 conservatories, the world famous opera house. Concerts, performances and exhibitions change each other all year round. In July and August in many parks of the city there are free concerts. Another unique sight of the city is the flower clock. The diameter of the watch is 5 meters, the length of the second hand is 2.5 meters. The clocks is made of 6,5 thousand natural flowers.

The Swiss Riviera resort area is located near Geneva on the shores of Lake Geneva. It became world famous in the XIX century. Here, next to the famous for its jazz festival town of Montreux, there is another attraction of Switzerland - the 13th century Château of Chillon.

Geneva is one of the most beautiful, cozy and quiet cities in Europe. An independent trip to Geneva is a great way to spend a vacation.

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