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Dublin is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded by the Vikings in the 9th century, and now it is the capital of the Irish Republic. It is a very original city with a national flavor. Tourists here are attracted by historical monuments, architecture, museums and parks. And, of course, a trip to Ireland is impossible without tasting the famous Guinness beer and Irish whiskey Jameson. Also the name of this city is inextricably linked with leprechauns, the Riverdance show and world-famous writers: Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Bernard Shaw and others. And also, Dublin - the birthplace of the world-famous rock band U-2.

Arriving in Dublin, even for a short time, you can get acquainted with its main attractions, since most of them are located near the center, and the city is relatively small. You can bypass all the interesting places on foot. If you are not a hiker, then there are trams and buses, including tourist ones, or you can rent a bicycle. Traveling in Dublin, you will get a lot of positive impressions. No wonder this city is recognized as one of the friendliest and safest in the world. And its residents are cheerful, cheerful people who are very good at tourists.

There are many interesting and unusual museums In Dublin. In the Beer Museum or in the Whiskey Museum, you can not only see how these drinks are made, but also try them. In the museum "Dublinia" you can try on a Viking costume. In the city there is a museum of leprechauns, a museum - a cemetery and a museum - a prison. It is pleasantly surprising that entrance to many large museums is free of charge. This is the National Museum of Ireland, the National Gallery of Ireland, the Museum of Modern Art and several other galleries and museums.

Here the list of most interesting places that are required to visit. From the historical buildings are the cathedrals of St. Patrick and Christ, located not far from each other, Dublin Castle, preserved in its original form and Trinity College, in the library of which the Book of Kells is kept. This book was written by Celtic monks in 800 and is known far beyond Ireland. Of the natural areas, the most famous are Europe's largest Phoenix Park, the National Botanical Garden and the Dublin Zoo. And the famous Temple Bar district will surprise you with the number of pubs, cafes, shops and art galleries. Here you can enjoy a glass of real Irish beer and listen to national music. If you do not drink alcohol, then it is better not to go. The locals will not understand you.

Dublin is one of the most attractive cities in the world for independent travel. He carried his unique ancient image through the ages and was able to harmoniously combined it with modern reality.

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