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The Kingdom of Denmark, despite its small size, has a rich history. People lived here already 12000 years ago. The Danes are descendants of formidable Vikings. It was here, according to William Shakespeare, the tragedy of Prince Hamlet was played out. Denmark is one of the founding countries of the UN and NATO. And, of course, Denmark is the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen, the most famous storyteller in the world. Perhaps, therefore, it is often called the Kingdom of Fairytales.

The main attraction of Denmark is its capital, Copenhagen. This city is the most safe and peaceful metropolis of Europe. It has an atmosphere of understanding and friendliness. The city seems to have been created for quiet hiking or cycling. By the way, the bicycle here is the most popular mode of transport. Thanks to hundreds of kilometers of bike paths, park areas, an abundance of restaurants and shops with organic food, electricity produced by windmills, Copenhagen is considered one of the greenest cities in Europe. Also this is the only city in the world in which 16 restaurants have received a total of 20 Michelin stars.

There are a lot of attractions in Copenhagen. If you decide to come here, be sure to visit the royal residence that is still in operation - the Amalienborg Palace. Overcome the 300 steps of the Town Hall to see the best views of the city from the observation deck. Walk through the streets of the Old Town with its fabulous multi-colored houses and tiled roofs. Visit the Andersen Museum and the National Museum of Denmark. Walk around the shops of the longest pedestrian street in Europe Stroget. And, of course, you can not go to Copenhagen and not see the symbol of the city - the statue of the Little Mermaid and entertain yourself in the world-famous Tivoli Park. And to see all the popular places of the city, you need to spend at least a week here.

If you are not a fan of hiking and cycling, the city is well served by public transport. Modern and convenient metro, recognized as the best in Europe, works around the clock. And its trains are controlled by an autopilot. Buses and water transport are also excellent. But the Copenhagen taxi is considered the most expensive in Europe. Free WI-FI is common in cafes and hotels. Therefore, it will be easy to use online services. If you arrive in summer, you can visit one of the beaches of the city.

Residents of the city are law-abiding and friendly. The crime rate here is very low. Smoking in public places is prohibited. Do not disrespect the royal family. Danes can take this as an insult. But if you praise the country and the royal house, you will be respected. Everyone who has ever visited Copenhagen, speak of him as a cozy and comfortable city. We hope that you will not be an exception.

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