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The largest city in terms of area and population of Germany is its capital. Berlin is a modern metropolis, an important cultural and economic center of the EU, with a rich and ancient history. This is one of the most interesting cities in Europe for a tourist trip. People from all over the world come here for work, study and recreation. The blending of architectural styles, traditions and cultures make Berlin dynamic and diverse.
In Berlin, there is a lot of greenery and water. Three parts of the city are parks, rivers, canals and lakes. By the number of channels and bridges, it is not inferior to Venice. Strangely enough, local residents consider the city environmentally unfavorable.
In any case, Berlin is Smart City. Independent Smart tourism in this city is very popular. You yourself can easily organize a trip to this original city, and our site will help you.

What to Do and Where to Go in Berlin

For lovers of history and culture, 175 museums and 150 theaters and concert halls are open here. And in each district of the city a huge number of unique historical monuments. There are such famous festivals as Berlin Film Festival, Theater Festival and Jazz Festival "Jazzfest". Every day Berlin offers a lot of cultural events, exhibitions and shows. And on Thursdays in all state museums the entrance is free from 4 pm.
This city can be called not only a cultural capital, but also the capital of food and entertainment. There are thousands of restaurants, bars, clubs and discos. And the prices are quite acceptable. Especially if you depart a little from the tourist center, the prices will pleasantly please you in small family restaurants and local shops.

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Hotels and Hostels in Berlin

The answer to the question "where to stay in Berlin?" largely depends on the purpose of coming to this city. Those who come for the first time and want to see the main attractions, better stop in the Mitte region. It is located in the heart of the city and all the famous places, including the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag, you can get around on foot.
If you plan to stay in Berlin for longer than a couple of days, pay attention to the Charlottenburg area. The prices for hotels here are cheaper, from here depart direct buses to Tegel airport and the central station, and this is the main shopping area of ​​the city. In addition, it is more convenient to get outside Berlin, thanks to the suburban station.

Flights to Berlin

There are 2 operating airports in Berlin. Most international flights arrive in Berlin-Tegel. Here the largest German airlines Air Berlin and Lufthansa are based. The airport is near the city. There are all conditions for a comfortable flight waiting.. Express buses run to the city center.
Schönefeld Airport is 18 km from Berlin. It accepts both international and domestic flights. Basically here, discount airlines are based. The city can be reached by express bus or train. In both airports around the clock on duty taxi.
From Germany, you can take out any amount of cash, and the importation is limited to 10,000 euros. This restriction applies to citizens of countries that are not members of the European Union. In other cases, the customs regulations of the country practically do not differ from the rules of other EU countries.

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The Internet

Points of free Internet access in Berlin can be found in tourist and public places, in large shopping centers, household appliances stores, libraries and churches. In hotels, the Internet will be provided, but paid or free, it is better to clarify when booking.
With mobile Internet in Germany is somewhat more complicated. To activate a local SIM card, you need a permanent registration. Therefore, it's better to come to Germany with a SIM card from one of the EU countries, since in the summer of 2017 roaming was abolished in the European Union. Or you can buy one of the international tourist SIM-cards.

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It is very convenient to travel by public transport in Berlin. There are metro, buses, trams and trolleybuses here. You can buy a single ticket for the whole day. And if you buy a Berlin Welcome Card, then in addition to free travel on public transport, it will give you the opportunity to visit major attractions for free or at significant discounts. Also, on this card you can get a discount in many restaurants and shops. The bicycle is very popular in the city. More than 800 km of bicycle paths are laid here. You can rent a bike without problems.
Just 20 km from Berlin is the city of Potsdam, famous for its numerous architectural monuments. It is convenient to get here by suburban train.

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Information for Tourists

The locals have a very peculiar mentality. They are very hospitable and tolerant to different cultures, directions and orientations. But if they have a bad mood, they can easily be rude to you. This is especially evident in winter. Winter in Berlin is not the most pleasant time of the year. Better come in the summer. And if you learn a few basic phrases in German, the friendliness of the local people is ensured. And the Berliners are very accurate and punctual. There is no need to litter the streets and be late for meetings. Local drivers and pedestrians strictly follow the rules of traffic, unlike tourists. By the way, the first traffic light in Europe was installed in Berlin in 1924.
And some tips from experienced tourists:
In Berlin, everyone does not care how you are dressed. Therefore, dress comfortably.
Always carry a copy of your passport or hotel card.
Ignore people offering or asking for help on the street. Most likely it's scams.
Do not eat food on the street. Around there are cafes and eateries.
And although Germany is famous for its beer, it is better to drink it in Bavaria, and in Berlin, try the better incomparable German wines.

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Entry Visa to Germany

To enter Germany, tourists from a number of countries need to issue a Schengen visa. More information about the visa regime in Germany is available on the links below.

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