Bangkok is difficult to call a paradise for tourists, despite the fact that it is called the city of angels. At first sight, he can shock a person who first came to Asia. But if you are open to research and adventure, stay here for at least 3-4 days and you will understand what real Asia is and love this city.
Striking the contrasts of Bangkok. There are wooden huts without light and water and super-modern skyscrapers. Street markets and bazaars compete with giant shopping centers.
Here you will find it hard to get bored. You can travel either on foot, or by ferry along the river, or by high-speed train or by auto-rickshaw. You will find where to go and what to see at any time of the day or night.
There are about 400 temples in the city. And each of them is beautiful in its own way. Thailand is a kingdom. And in Bangkok there is a real Royal Palace, which is open to tourists.
The markets of Bangkok are a whole separate world. There are a lot of them and they are different. There are universal markets where you can buy anything and inexpensive. There is a spice market, a toy market, a flea market, a souvenir and amulets market, a flower market and even floating markets. By the way, prices in Bangkok are lower than in other places in Thailand, despite the fact that this is the capital .
You can eat here at every corner. The variety of dishes is amazing. Basically these are seafood dishes. In many places, still living marine inhabitants will be cooked right in front of you. Hardly you will find sweet rolls here, and the abundance of fruits and food will help you to lose a couple of extra pounds.
In the evening, visit the China Town - this is one of the most memorable places in Bangkok. It is also very pleasant to sit in one of the bars located on the roofs of multi-storey hotels. Do not forget about the famous Thai massage. Massage parlors of Bangkok are waiting for you. And be sure to look at the night city from the observation deck of the hotel - the skyscraper Baiyoke Sky. Get an impression for life.
You will quickly notice that you will be smiling at every corner. Knowingly Bangkok is called the city of smiles. The local population is unusually friendly and cheerful. Attention! Optimism of local residents is contagious, so if you are a fan of depression, this place is not for you.
In Bangkok, it is easy to rent a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car, however, evaluate your driving experience before that. As the locals say, there are rules of traffic in Bangkok, but there are a lot of them (about 400 thousand, that is, as much as in the city of cars).
Using the railway, you can travel not only in Thailand, but also visit neighboring countries: Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Trains in Thailand are not the most comfortable in the world and are often late, but tickets are not expensive. Link to the website of the railways and the map below.
Despite the hospitality and loyalty to tourists, there are several things prohibited in Bangkok. This collection and removal of coral from the country, any expression of disrespect for the king, Buddha or religion, the launch of drones without official permission. Also, you can not touch or hug with the locals, openly show love feelings, enter the temple in inappropriate clothing. Also, we do not recommend trusting people who will offer you their help on the street. Their main goal is to lure you to a store where they have commissions.
Below you will find just about everything that you might need for an independent trip to Bangkok.





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