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Solo trip to Amsterdam

This city is called in different ways.
The city of tulips, because there are indeed a lot of them and Amsterdam holds one of the first places for selling flowers in Europe. Be sure to visit the only floating flower market in the world.
The city of bicycles, because locals and tourists, mostly, move around the city on them. You can also rent a bicycle (link below). Not only bicycles but also scooters move along numerous bicycle paths, the traffic is very intensive. Therefore, if you are not sure about your bike riding skills, it is better to walk or use public transport. It is more profitable to buy a single transport card for all days of stay.
The city of canals, as the city is built on stilts and is surrounded by numerous canals with hundreds of bridges. Regular water excursions are conducted along the canals. And not far from the central station there are three berths with free ferries, on which you can swim the river.
The city of sin, because ... well, everyone knows why. You will feel a real freedom of morals by visiting one of the Coffee Shops and passing through the Red Light Street.
The city of museums, because in the city there are about 50 museums of the widest spectrum from the museum of computers to the museum of hashish, marijuana and hemp. Some museums occasionally arrange free tours.
The city of cheese. But before buying the famous Dutch cheese, visit a specialized cheese shop where you can try different kinds of cheese without restrictions. Then you can buy the one that you like best.
The local people proudly call the city I Amsterdam. Here you will find a lot of unforgettable impressions. Wonderful architecture and much more will leave you with a lot of pleasant memories.

Traveling through small towns and villages of the Netherlands will give you special pleasure. To go out of town and visit one of the villages or a small town can be by bus or train. You can also rent a car and travel around the country. On the links below you can book a car or buy a train ticket.

Amsterdam is very convenient for smart tourism. You can buy online tickets to museums in advance, so as not to waste time in the queue (link below). Also, there you can buy tickets for various tours and other events.
All the main attractions of the city are located in the center, so walking is the most popular way to get to know them. You can sign up for free pedestrian tours, and if you want independence, use the free audio guide for the city (links below).

Despite the breadth of views of the Dutch, a tourist in Amsterdam should be aware of some limitations:
In Amsterdam, you can not smoke in public places.
Do not take items with natural fur. There can be trouble from the defenders of nature.
In the Netherlands, light drugs are allowed. But they are not allowed to be exported from the country. And do not buy them on the street. For this there are special places - Coffee Shops.
In the Red Light District you can not take pictures and stare at representatives of the ancient profession. This threatens trouble for you and your camera.
The Dutch police usually do not touch foreigners, if they do not violate public order, do not get drunk too much and do not bring anxiety.
In the Netherlands, it is not customary to leave a tip, since they are already included in the bill. And stock up on raincoats or umbrellas, because the weather in Amsterdam is unpredictable.
Have a good trip!

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