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Almaty is a very interesting and suitable city for individual tourism. Citizens of many countries allow entry without a visa for tourist purposes. The official language here is Kazakh, but most residents speak Russian and a little less English.
In Almaty, thanks to the southern climate, delicious and organic food products - fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products. From any point of the city you will open an unforgettable panorama of the mountain peaks. In just an hour you can get from the city center to the mark of 3200 meters above sea level. Using the free mobile application - audio guide (link below), you will get acquainted with the amazing history of Almaty.
For cyclists, you can rent a bicycle (link below).

In the city itself there are many interesting places to visit. You will be surprised by the hospitality of the locals and the abundance of parks and fountains. We recommend you to visit the Central Museum of Kazakhstan, where you will learn a lot about this country. Also of interest are the Almaty Museum and the Kasteyev Museum of Art.
And beyond the city you will find amazing creations of nature. This is the famous Charyn Canyon, Altyn Emel National Park, Kolsai Lakes and many other unique places that are definitely worth a visit. You can perform mountain ascents, ride horses, skate and ski. Fans of rafting are waited by the mountain rivers, and lovers of exotics can spend the night in a real yurt and feel how the nomads lived - the ancestors of local residents.

Local currency is Kazakh Tenge (KZT). To change the currency to the local and back is not a problem, thanks to exchange points throughout the city. The recommended currency for the exchange is the US dollar.
To avoid troubles and large fines, we give a few warnings: do not litter, observe the rules of the road, do not leave things unattended in the street, do not use foul language, do not smoke in closed and public institutions, do not drink alcohol on the streets, do not buy anything from strangers on the street, in crowded places be vigilant, do not use the services of random passing cars.

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