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Official site of the Center for Smart Tourism

Welcome to the official website of the Center Smart Tourism.
Getting to know us will be useful both for lovers of independent travel, and for professionals in the tourism industry.
We represent the most modern digital technologies in the field of tourism and we provide them to all comers.

What is Smart Tourism?

Any independent traveler always has a problem with information about the destination. We need maps, guides, guides. Often the language barrier prevents a good journey.

Smart Tourism allows you to travel independently from travel agencies, without learning foreign languages, without guides, interpreters and maps.

Moreover, even now you can plan trips without leaving your home, look for the cheapest plane tickets, book the best hotels, buy tickets to museums. Please note that often on-line purchases are cheaper than in regular ticket offices and travel agencies.

Smart tourism will also be useful for state tourist information centers, because now they can not inform all comers in full and in all languages, and with the help of Smart Tourism it becomes possible. In some cities so succeeded in this, that they became Smart City for tourists. Below are examples of such cities.

Smart Cities for tourists

We constantly study different cities and bring them to our list of Smart City. In our opinion, the city is smart for tourists, if you can plan its visit yourself, namely: find an air flight, hotel, apply for a visa, find out all the details and rules of staying in the country, download an audio guide and see the sights in advance.

During the trip, the Smart City should provide the tourist with all the necessary services for the full and comfortable visit: Internet connection, online ticket sales for excursions and transport, scheme and schedule of public transport in the form of a mobile application, car or bike rental, information about the tourist center , emergency telephones and much more.

The number of such cities is constantly increasing. Just click on the name and find everything you need to organize an independent trip to:

ASIA: >> Almaty >> Bangkok >> Hong Kong >> Singapore >> Tokyo

WESTERN EUROPE: >> Amsterdam >> Athens >> Barcelona >> Berlin >> Copenhagen >> Dublin >> Geneva >> London >> Madrid >> Munich >> Paris >> Rome >> Vienna

EASTERN EUROPE: >> Baku >> Budapest >> Moscow >> Prague >> Saint Petersburg >> Tbilisi >> Warsaw

AMERICA: >> Washington DC >> Los Angeles >> New York City >> Chicago

AUSTRALIA: >> Melbourne

Smart Tourism anywhere in the world

Naturally, our list of Smart City is constantly replenished, but it does not have all possible directions for independent travel.

At the same time, thanks to the Internet, Smart Tourism works almost the same all over the planet Earth. In any part of the world where there is Internet and access to individual resources is not limited, you can search for air tickets, book hotels, use electronic maps, translator and audio guides on your smartphone.

So, if the city of your dreams is not on our list, it's not a problem, because, firstly, our list is constantly replenished, and secondly, it is possible to plan a visit to anywhere in the world >> here

Is it really free?

Yes. Most applications and services are absolutely free for all tourists.However, we are obliged to inform you that when you are searching for air tickets, hotels, excursions, then you go to the sites of our partners. They are not providers of services, guides, airlines, but they help to find the most affordable and cheap options. If you buy something on the site of our partner, we receive a monetary reward, but it is paid by the partner, and not by the client, i.e. you do not overpay anything beyond the price on the site. All our services are absolutely free for you. More about our partners on the page>> About us.

Is it too difficult?

No. Any tourist can learn smart tourism! We have a special web page on our website where in just 7 simple steps any tourist can learn how to travel independently and plan their trips through the Internet. Visit page >> How to start.

Contact us

We try to find the most relevant information for you, however the world changes very quickly and we will be grateful if you tell us about new travel services and applications.
Also, if you have any suggestions or outstanding questions, please contact us via >>feedback form

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